Optimising Resources - Leading Cost Reduction

Alenso Energy offers an array of services in energy & facility management emphasized on safety and optimum use of resources. The major services are:

Energy Audit

The Energy Conservation Act defines energy audit as "the verification, monitoring and analysis of the use of energy and submission of technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost-benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption."Our Energy Auditors certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), provides in-depth analysis of energy usage and are exemplary in identifying opportunities for improving energy efficiency. This translates to substantial reduction in energy consumption and continues to save operating cost for the enterprise.

Electrical Audit

Safety is of paramount importance to any progressive organization. Our experts provide detailed review of the facility and its management systems and practices to segregate any possible hazard to safe operation and come up with suitable corrections / corrective actions.

Power Quality Audit

With the widespread usage of modern electronic devices, quality of electric power is a matter of concern for enterprises as well as utilities. With the help of advanced analyzers, Alenso personnel evaluates issues with respect to quality of power and suggests ways and means to alleviate the same. This ensures that the all power consuming equipment operate reliably and without undue failure.


Visual inspection provides some indication of equipment health. The assessment can be multiply productivity, if suitable infrared images are employed. Alenso provides a wide range of thermal imaging services and helps in planning focused maintenance by forecasting probable failures.

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